Eyes Right!

There are going to be

…so many people from my life who are going to say “It’s about time” when they get wind of this blog. I gave some thought to starting a journal when I was in my early twenties, but honestly didn’t think I had much to write about; no real “personal history” to speak of. Now, after fifty-four years of experiences of all sorts, I’ve come to realize that more than half of the most memorable were the times I spent with my younger brother from the time of remembering until we went separate ways after high school. It’s my intention to recall some of those episodes and situations and, with just the requisite amount of embellishment allowed a Texan, tell some good old-fashioned stories.

Besides the tales of our misspent youth, I’ll also divert to topics such as my interests in aviation, wooden boats, bicycling and the other odd bit’s and pieces that have contributed to my life. Keep an eye out here for my own offerings  and connections to:

  • Old fashioned airplane modeling
  • Easy recipes and links for the single or “cooking for two” inclined
  • Submarine History
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • The Adventures of “Beth, the Corgi of Amazement”

    My "Beth" friend

What I’d like to see from you, my friends…

…are comments and contributions which share the moments in your lives that contrived to make you who you are. There are others who can build the ultimate blog. I prefer an intimate approach. So bring it on. This should be a fun project to watch grow!

For those of an inquiring nature who might ask, the heading of this post and  content of this blog refers to the command given to those marching in review during military parade. It’s a way to align the rows in an orderly fashion and pay respect to those reviewing. It has no reference to my own personal inclinations except to be “right thinking” in thought and action and to be respectful of others.

Thanks for joining in on the fun!

2 Responses to “Eyes Right!”

  1. Ilene Says:

    Btnflyguy, you never cease to amaze me. I’ve heard your stories in person and now I see them in print. Yes I am one of those friends that is pleased to say “It’s about time”. I am very much looking forward to more and more of your adventures in print. You have my best wishes, and admiration in your quest to be a blogger. If anyone can be a success at blogging, you surely will be one . Keep in mind, when all this blog makes it to the big screen, I want a chance to read for a part. Your #1 fan, IL

  2. Hayden Says:

    JT, you make me yearn for the early days of car camping in the back of the family’s Ramble Stationwagon, or traveling in that same vehicle down the road with 4 -80 air conditioning (those of you old enough will know what that means) with my little brother sleeping on the back window tray (can we say decapitate?). Good golly miss molly ain’t we a bunch of old codgers now? Where are Sky King and Penny when you need them?

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