If It Looks Right…

…It must fly right… right?

I’m betting on it with this plane, Coquette. In a previous post, I mentioned that I had purchased a copy of a model magazine (American Aircraft Modeler) from Ebay for the month I was born, September, 1955. I had no idea that I was going to find a true treasure inside since I had in fact bought the thing based on its cover alone (popular wisdom notwithstanding).

I don’t have a large vehicle to transport some of the larger models; in fact I don’t have a vehicle at all yet (that’s a later post). In keeping with budgets and practicality, I have decided to downsize my ambitions while keeping enough benefit of scale to be buildable, flyable and, just in case my piloting capabilities are a bit rusty, durable. Originally, I considered the range of .19 to .29 as a maximum powerplant spread, but then I dropped back to my first “big” engine, the Fox .15 hauling a Midwest ME-109 around the circle with enthusiasm! That plane served me quite well until I literally took a “pylon cut” during the balloon bust competition at a local contest near Dallas, tearing the outboard wing to shreds. (As a side note — my spirits were dashed looking at the wreckage and I considered giving up U/C until Al Rabe showed up at that same contest to show off his gorgeous Sea Fury and restored my faith in the hobby. Thanks Al!)

As you can see, I still love that plane and I went on a buying spree for .15’s with the idea of designing and building that scale because of its portablity and good performance on lines of a decent length. I learned to fly the pattern with that plane/engine combination. And that’s why I have a new one ready for a build.

Two New .15's (there are three more used ones)

I think I can go better, though and go even smaller, so when I had a chance at an Enya 0.10, I took it; the intended airframe was a Sig Spitfire. Once I saw the Spit kit, however, I realized that it would likely be underpowered so I contemplated a full design effort from scratch,something with a built up fuselage and stunt-capable.

Then the magazine showed up. This is where I’m going to let the attached pictures sell the plane for itself. As far as I can tell, this would be a great first plane for someone who wants:

  • engine larger than 1/2A
  • built up fuselage
  • traditional building process and simplicity
  • good “eye candy” appeal
  • performance and practicality

Take a look at this one and hit the building boards. I don’t expect to be the first one to get this in the air, but I bet you I may be the first to have full size plans copied. This design just begs to be modified with possible linked flaps and fuselage profile changes, but I think you’ll agree that overall, It Just Looks Right!

Pretty Li'l Thing, Yes?

(click on the images a couple of times to bring them full size)

Kinda' Catches the Eye...

1955 was a "Sterling" Year!

As a final thought, those of you looking to convert fuel to electric might find this a good project! Have fun and comment!

Write me: jt_benham@hotmail.com


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