“Who *Is* This BtnFlyGuy?”

Nice to have you visit. My name is Justin Troy Benham, aka J.Troy. Justin, Troy, Buster or BtnFlyGuy. There are other things I’ve been called, but these are the monikers that are fit for public consumption and repetition. I’m Fifty-plus years on this go ’round and hope to have at least a big chunk more ahead of me.

I’m a much more simple person now than I used to be, and I won’t be pushin’ too many buttons here, but I’ll provide links to other places that hold my interest and you are more than welcome to follow as you will. I heartily suggest that you try out the random ‘net search “time-consumer”. Stumble! It’s great for those free moments at the computer when you are not harvesting my crop of witticisms here.

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I hope, most of all, that you will help me with these posts and enjoy them with me.

Definitely a smile you can trust!


6 Responses to ““Who *Is* This BtnFlyGuy?””

  1. PeterZ Says:

    Found the link to your site through Hip Pocket Builders forum.
    Thought it ironic that we have some common things. I was born 9/4/55 first off. My parents retired to LLano Texas 25 years ago. Llano has some family connections. I have been into stick and tissue airplanes since I was a youngster. I am currently in limbo with the hobby. Kind of burned out from work and raising a family. I read the online site stuff about the hobby. Today arthritis[knee] is kicking my ass so I stayed home to do some paper work and just stay off my feet. Another thing that said to me I should give you a shout was that my name at the Hip Pocket forum is Just4Fun like your categories title.
    So someone does read your stuff Justin.
    Best Regards

  2. Derek Mallett Says:

    Hi Justin.you have a very interesting site here.been reading lots of it and plenty more to go through.Are you still there building your stick and tissue planes.Thats what I’m into at the moment here in the UK.just finished the Guillows SE5a and sold it on ebay.didnt make a fortune and works out I got paid aprox 2p an hour for the time I spent building it.But hey I enjoyed making a good job of it and I wanted it to go to a good home.I couldnt bear to see such a lovely model destroyed if I had try to fly it Ha.
    Now I’m halfway thru building the 50s Vic Smeed design of Coquette,thats how I came across this site of yours after I Googled
    ‘building the Coquette’,but I see its a totally different model of a control liner.a department of the hobby I never got into,I get dizzy just turning around Ha.
    Anyway I’d be interested to hear from you if your still around?the last blog I could find is for 2010 so you may have given up on this.
    Kind regards from Derek M.Somerset.West of England.UK

    • btnflyguy Says:

      Hello Derek! Good to make your acquaintance! I’m still an avid modeler and have spent the last several months building plastic scale aircraft. As a consequence, the work in other areas has suffered, but with spring coming on I want to get some things built that I can get outside with and get up in the air. I do build stick and tissue scale, though mostly on the small size; peanut and walnut types.
      As an aside, My first flying lessons in a full scale aircraft were in a venerable DH-82 Tiger Moth located in Texas. Keep an eye open for more additions to this space as time goes by

  3. Pollyanna Says:

    I have questions / answers.. Do you care?

  4. marcelo pricoli Says:

    hi!!!! iam Marcelo pricoli and i have a little ff school, iam trying to put my students into cl models and fly!!!(sorry about my english)i build and finish few days ago a Me-109 stunt cl model from old “Golden State Model”(clon of the original i think) very close to your me-109 picture model, my question is: i have engines, Steve Fauble (FAIFD in HPA forum) recommend the Fox .15 but the plan say “1/2 A” 1/2 A -as i know- is the .049 cox or similar??? or iam wrong????the fox 15 is to much power for kids or is “THE” engine we need???thanks!!! marcelopricoli@gmail.com

    • btnflyguy Says:

      The .15 airplane is definitely the way to start. They are easier to build because the parts are larger and skills learned during building are not dashed by the first crash.
      They fly better and use real lines 50 feet long attached to a real handle. They are much more robust and you don’t get dizzy as easily.
      Brodak has released the SIG Buster and Shoestring solid wing planes. They won’t stunt, but are great for learning building and flying skills.
      I just took a look in my “To Build” bin and found the perfect trainer for you. Send me an address and I will give it to you for your project. Use it for templates to cut your own copies.
      Write me directly for any more help. I’ve been at this for 25 years and love it! My best wishes, Justin

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