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My Dog Stretches…and all is well

March 28, 2010

That may seem like a pretty strange header, but if you knew what I’ve been through regarding Beth the Awesome, you’d understand.

A little background: Until this past December, I had been living alone here in New England in a small garret apartment and just before Thanksgiving I decided to alter the situation so I would not have to become quite as adept at channel surfing on the TV and Ebay-induced impulse buys. I needed something to occupy my time and what is left of my sanity. I was well on the way through the approved phases recommended for singles of “raise a goldfish, keep a plant as well as write in a journal and a dream diary”. I skipped the fish part since I have a bad history with fish rearing. My avocado plants are doing well, however and gave me courage to consider the next step; that is to take on a living, breathing, fur-bearing creature.

I put out the word that I was looking for an apartment size dog, older than a pup but not on its last good leg, preferably a terrier of sorts and that is exactly what I got, “Beth”. She was found beside a major roadway near my house and taken to the local shelter where, through networking, my search found the right person with the right contacts and, just before Christmas, Beth came into my life. Anyone who has ever had a dog, especially as a primary friend, can understand the life-transforming effect. The last two years in my life have been very difficult and now the aches and pains of those months have been almost completely washed away.

Beth is a Corgi/sumptin’ mix, almost made to order for what I had hoped for in temperateness and companionship. It was an instant bond when we met. She is always with me and has succeeded in training me quite well. “Accidents” are usually my fault and my daily schedule has been adjusted to be a bit more normal thanks to her internal clock as opposed to my “I’ll sleep when I’m tired and eat when I’m hungry” way of thinking.

Imagine then that I may have had the most startling and frightening wakeup ever in my life today. Beth usually sleeps curled at my feet, but last night she came up nearer my end so I was able to pet her to sleep. That was just fine until I woke up to find her still there where she was when I fell asleep. However, she was on her side with all four legs sticking straight out stiff as chair legs. Looked like the stuffed dead dog from a bad comedy! You can imagine I was scared to b’jeezers! It took me a moment of near panic before I poked her to see if she was still with me on this earth.
She merely hurrumphed and got out of bed for her morning stretch and breakfast. All this was after doing research yesterday on whether dogs go to heaven so you can imagine I was pretty primed for the worst.
She’s fine, though and I’ve calmed down so have a great day and think well of me and Beth the awesome.